We advise on all matters relating to property settlements between separating couples including:
– The division of assets (including commercial) and liabilities;
– Spousal Maintenance & Child Support;
– Consent Orders, Binding Financial Agreements and litigation.

Whatever your circumstances, we can assist you to reach agreement about parenting arrangements, and help to formalise those arrangements through consent orders or a parenting plan.  If agreement can’t be reached, we can provide child-focused advice and representation for  disputes about parental responsibility.

After you and your spouse have been separated for 12 months, application can be made to the Court for a Divorce.  Sayer Jones can assist you in obtaining a Divorce by taking care of the preparation and lodgement of your application, and attending on your behalf at a Court hearing to ensure approval.

We ensure that parties wishing to enter into surrogacy arrangements are fully aware of their legal rights, and to make the process of obtaining the necessary legal advice as seamless as possible.  We can advise you in relation to all mattes concerning domestic or intercountry arrangements.