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Sayer Jones offers premium and specialised legal advice on:
– Family Law – Financial/Property Settlement;
– Family Law – Parenting;
– Surrogacy & Adoption; and
– Not for profit services in the Family Law context.

Our Key Objectives

Our key objective is to provide clients with comprehensive and complete advice on Family Law matters.  We have a particular aim of focusing on our strategies to secure clients the best possible outcomes.  In doing so, we endeavour to provide clients with clarity of vision at each step of the Family Law process.  This objective is the cornerstone of our operation.


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  • Who We Are

    With a shared vision of developing a Family Law firm known for being entirely thorough and comprehensive in the provision of legal representation, Sayer Jones’ practitioners share an intricacy for detail in the provision of Family Law services, more commonly associated with top tier commercial law firms.  Sayer Jones balance this without compromising cost efficiency.

  • What We Do

    Clients are becoming more sophisticated in their search for legal services, and have realistic expectations about transparency and accountability.  We encourage this, and understand the benefits we can create for clients by having an innovative regard for their best interests.

    We strive for excellence in terms of the manner in which we act for clients, how we represent them and by virtue of the outcomes we obtain for them.  We are critical in all aspects of our thinking.

  • How We Do It

    Our relationships with our clients are fundamental to our ability to provide them with a high level of service, empathy and understanding.

    Dynamic business practices and a highly skilled and attentive support team round out this boutique CBD law firm.

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